UXD Stablecoin uxd

+ 0.15 % $ 1.002
$0.111079 24H Range $1.007
Market Data
Price $ 1.002
Volume $ 309,074.00
Volume / Market Cap 0.0206
Circulating Supply 14,999,999.87
Total Supply 8,999,954.59
Market Cap $ 15,014,023.00
UXD Protocol is an algorithmic stablecoin that is fully backed by a delta-neutral position using derivatives. UXD Protocol is non-custodial, and does not hold user's deposited crypto assets. Users can mint/redeem UXD on a permissionless basis.UXD users can mint 1 UXD for $1 worth of crypto assets. UXD does not require any over-collateralization.
UXD Stablecoin (uxd) Price Chart
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