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-0.15 % $ 0.999843
$0.997429 24H Range $1.005
Market Data
Price $ 0.999843
Volume $ 55,560.00
Volume / Market Cap 0.0086
Circulating Supply 6,455,766.93
Total Supply 6,455,766.93
Market Cap $ 6,461,009.00
Fully diluted market cap $ 6,461,009.00
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USD+ is a yield-generating stablecoin yielding 8-12% pa, via daily rebase. It is fully backed by a portfolio of liquid, yield generating, low-risk DeFi assets (mostly, lending protocols and stable-to-stable liquidity pools in a way that allows to (1) avoid losses and generate profit every day (2) mint and redeem USD+ against USDC instantly on request. USD+ is used for (1) liquidity management - temporary parking of spare stablecoin cash (2) AMM trading and (3) leveraged yield farming. USD+ brings the benefit of capital efficiency to stablecoin usage, i.e. extra yield on idle stablecoins and/or used in major protocols USD+ is currently on Polygon and expanding to other chains. We are going to market by establishing USD+ trading pairs at leading AMMs: (1) Stablecoin boosted pools on Balancer/Beethoven (2) ETH-USD+, Matic-USD+ on Quickswap/Uni V2, (3) potentially, Curve. The advantage USD+ has is our ability to maintain the peg without deploying our own capital - as USD+ can be minted/redeemed against USDC instantly, we are able to arbitrage our pools using flashloans, without our own capital, thus maintaining the peg.
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