Revolt 2 Earn rvlt

+ 1.83 % $ 0.000000068922
$0.000000066919 24H Range $0.000000069151
Market Data
Price $ 0.000000068922
Volume $ 809,589.00
Volume / Market Cap 0.1914
Circulating Supply 61,571,529,698,085.03
Total Supply 65,424,725,966,677.00
Max Supply 91,131,825,151,989.00
Market Cap $ 4,228,818.00
Fully diluted market cap $ 6,259,060.00
(RVLT) is CULT DAOs first ecosystem token, and has been built on the Polygon network as a Polygon POS token with 0.4% taxation. Whereas CULT works to fund protocols furthering decentralization, RVLT seeks to support The Many individuals who are working towards the same goal. Each month 490 stakers (+10 consistent NFT owners) are picked randomly from all RVLT stakers (uRVLT owners). These 500 have the job of approving or disapproving submissions by the users of the actions they have taken to help the CULT ecosystem, and support the revolution. This could be as simple as stickering, leafleting, shilling or civil disobedience. This protocol exists to allow The Many to not have to rely on wage labour fully, or in part and to fill the gap and pay users to further the cause of decentralization and the CULT ecosystem
Revolt 2 Earn (rvlt) Price Chart
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News about Revolt 2 Earn
CULT DAO Prepares for Revolt 2 Earn (RVLT) Token Airdrop and Gains Anonymous Group Recognition • 5 months ago
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