Manifold Finance fold

-6.97 % $ 59.19
$56.66 24H Range $63.98
Market Data
Price $ 59.19
Volume $ 1,461,400.00
Volume / Market Cap 0.0172
Circulating Supply 1,435,581.61
Total Supply 2,000,000.00
Max Supply 2,000,000.00
Market Cap $ 85,013,459.00
Fully diluted market cap $ 118,437,654.00
Manifold Finance provides solutions encompassing the middleware market for decentralized finance applications and protocols for both scaling and usability purposes. Part of our mission is helping scale the Ethereum ecosystem, which is where the idea of ‘middleware strategies’ comes into play. Our solutions can be thought of as an ‘APY strategy’ that you might find with something like Yearn Finance, except instead of providing capital (e.g. through depositing into a strategy with Yearn), we create applications that provide services that generate revenue (a prime example being YCabal).
Manifold Finance (fold) Price Chart
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