DEI dei

+ 0.36 % $ 0.998863
$0.991076 24H Range $1.007
Market Data
Price $ 0.998863
Volume $ 25,378.00
Volume / Market Cap 0.0006
Circulating Supply 39,932,877.18
Total Supply 39,932,877.18
Market Cap $ 39,905,283.00
DEI is an advanced algorithmic cross-chain fractional-reserve stablecoin, with one native bridge that will connect to all chains within the DEUS ecosystem. DEI’s composition is free-flowing, comprising roughly 10% DEUS tokens and 90% of another trusted stable, depending on the chain in question. The collateral ratio of DEI is constantly monitored and adjusted via arbitrage bots. DEI’s mission is to bridge liquidity across all blockchains in a scalable and decentralized way. DEI will enable users to send a stablecoin to any chain and claim it on the other side with no slippage.
DEI (dei) Price Chart
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News about DEI
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