Bean bean

-0.89 % $ 0.981011
$0.978269 24H Range $0.99115
Market Data
Price $ 0.981011
Volume $ 134,198.00
Volume / Market Cap 0.0043
Circulating Supply 31,532,032.19
Total Supply 31,532,032.19
Market Cap $ 30,949,553.00
The practicality of using Decentralized Finance is limited by the lack of a decentralized, collateral-free stablecoin. Borrowing rates on USD stablecoins remain excessively high, even as supply increases rapidly. Supply cannot meet demand due to collateral requirements. Beanstalk uses credit instead of collateral to create a decentralized, liquid, blockchain-native asset, which is stable relative to the value of a non-blockchain-native asset. Beanstalk creates protocol-native financial incentives to encourage participation in peg maintenance and governance without requiring any action from everyday Bean users.
Bean (bean) Price Chart
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