Ardana dana

+ 2.55 % $ 0.175241
$0.169934 24H Range $0.1761
Market Data
Price $ 0.175241
Volume $ 18,063.02
Volume / Market Cap 0.0025
Circulating Supply 40,281,250.00
Total Supply 125,000,000.00
Market Cap $ 7,092,198.00
Ardana is a decentralized stablecoin hub which will bring the necessary DeFi primitives needed to bootstrap & maintain any economy to Cardano. Ardana offers an on-chain asset-backed stablecoin and a decentralized stable-asset DEX. The Ardana token (DANA) is the utility and governance token of the Ardana ecosystem which provides stakers with access to a share of the fees from Ardana and allows those who hold it to vote on changes to the project’s parameters. Ardana is an on-chain asset-backed stablecoin protocol and decentralized exchange stable asset liquidity pool built on Cardano. The stablecoin is overcollateralized with on-chain Cardano native assets, facilitating borrowing. The decentralized exchange allows for highly capital-efficient trading between stablecoins and identical assets with low risk income for liquidity providers from fees. Users will be able to mint stablecoins of different currencies and swap between them on Danaswap, facilitating a rapid low cost international foreign exchange system accessible to all.
Ardana (dana) Price Chart
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