April april
+ 3.43 % $ 0.0356204
$0.03391958 24H Range $0.03550648
Market Data
Price $ 0.0356204
Volume $ 50,392.00
Volume / Market Cap 0.0223
Circulating Supply 63,725,076.00
Total Supply 125,000,000.00
Market Cap $ 2,262,381.00
April (april) Price Chart
April (april) Price Info
Timeframe Price Change(%)
1h 0.90%
24h 3.43%
7d 14.48%
14d 1.69%
30d -12.53%
1y -74.56%
Who we are: April is an ultra fast blockchain oracle focused on the emerging internet of blockchain world. Current oracles in the market are too slow to provide for applications which require super fast real world data on-chain in a trustless manner. What we believe: The world is entering an era of interconnected blockchains where millions of smart contracts will reside and interact with each other creating an Internet of blockchain. This new “Interchain” layer is where most of the world’s economic value will be tokenized, traded, refined and utilized. This second generation internet is already taking shape and April is positioning to become a major node in this emerging techno/economic space. We believe the changes which are coming will be far more fundamental and rewarding than those experienced during transition to the first generation internet. Our Purpose: April aims to build a more valuable world. We do this by providing smart contracts with the high speed data they require to execute efficiently thereby creating value for their users, whether consumers, businesses or governments.
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