Altura alu

-2.66 % $ 0.01486772
$0.01458287 24H Range $0.01539315
Market Data
Price $ 0.01486772
Volume $ 597,047.00
Volume / Market Cap 0.0642
Circulating Supply 625,757,188.50
Total Supply 1,000,000,000.00
Market Cap $ 9,304,241.00
What Is Altura (ALU)? In-game items are a big part of any videogame and allow gamers to own digital assets. However, in-game items are centralized, not easily exchangeable, and challenging to implement. Altura is a smart contract platform that allows game developers to mint, distribute and transact Smart NFTs representing in-game items. Smart NFTs are NFTs with dynamic properties that can change based on certain conditions. Smart NFTs are the next step to making decentralized in-game items mainstream and offer a massive range of potential opportunities that are not possible with traditional NFTs. We want to create an easy-to-use interface and API for creating Smart NFTs, an open marketplace for transacting NFTs using the Altura token, and we want to introduce truly random smart loot boxes to the blockchain. Altura is creating: A marketplace for buying, selling and sending NFTs A user interface for creating smart NFTs Loot boxes that drop NFTs and a way to create loot boxes APIs and SDKs for video game integration ALU is the native utility token that is used for: Transactions on the Altura NFT marketplace Governance and determining the direction of the platform
Altura (alu) Price Chart
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